Welcome to Lotus Healthcare Staffing

Lotus Healthcare Staffing: a place where healthcare professionals find the job they want and get hired to do the work they love.

Our company specializes in pairing medical professionals with potential employment. Our platform directs jobseekers to facilities in need of trained medical personnel to join their healthcare team.

We can provide staffing for all types of medical professionals including Doctors, Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, Home Health Aide/Companion, Physician’s Assistance, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners and Physical Therapists. At Lotus Healthcare Staffing, we make the staffing process simpler and more efficient. We invite job seekers and employers to call us at 518-623-0717 for assistance from our staffing experts.



It is our mission to bring together professionals who are guided by a commitment to excellence and quality care. We strive to exceed patient/client expectations and standards in the healthcare field. We provide convenient and cost-effective healthcare staffing throughout the state while building a work environment based on knowledge, values and respect.

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